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What is a flue liner?

Flue lining can be essential for your chimney to improve its working efficiency and safety, but what is a flue liner? We will answer that in this post…


A flue liner is a render or sheet of material, such as stainless steel or thermoplastics and reinforced glass fibres, formed into a pipe to create a sealed tube from one end to the other of an existing flue or duct, where the contents need to be transported from one end to the other without the risk of being contaminated or leaking into the areas in between – we are specialists in FuranFlex  lining systems, the most advanced flue/duct lining solution on the market. The flue liner is fitted inside the entire length of a chimney or duct, preventing harmful gases and fumes from leaking out into the property by forming a 3mm seamless skin inside the existing chimney system. In the first instance, it is important to have your chimney fully inspected and surveyed and then an appropriate flue liner properly fitted. The older a chimney and flue system gets the more likely it is to develop problems which also need to be fixed correctly.

Our expert engineers at Flue Liner Solutions can help you from inspection to fitting, across residential and commercial buildings. The Flue Liner Solutions team can carry out an inspection and survey of your chimney and flue to spot any signs of damage and carry out any remedial repairs – or re-line your flue entirely.


Does a chimney need to be lined?


Essentially, yes, a chimney does need to be lined. Flue lining your chimney will not only allow your appliance to work at its most efficient, it will also keep you safe from toxic gases and fumes and chimney fires. Our FuranFlex lining system can be installed in many different types of chimney systems and appliances, from boilers to solid fuel fireplaces and in flue systems of all shapes and diameters.

Flue Liner Solutions are based in London and offer domestic and commercial flue liner solutions for residential, commercial and heritage properties across London, the south of England and the rest of the UK. To get a free quote and to learn more about us, contact the team today.