Flue Lining Installation & Repair in London

Here at Flue Liner Solutions, we are proud to offer comprehensive flue lining and repair services to domestic and commercial customers throughout the London area.

With over 20 years of experience, we have grown to offer a wide variety of services to help improve the safety and efficiency of your existing flue system. From thorough CCTV surveys and smoke testing, to the repair of your existing chimney lining or installation of a brand new flue liner, we are able to perform work on a range of properties.

You can be confident that our engineers are fully qualified to perform high calibre work, from the identification of problems with your current flue system, to recommending and installing the best possible flue liner for your property.

We install the superior FuranFlex flue lining in properties throughout London. FuranFlex is an advanced flue liner, which helps to maximise the performance and safety of your flue system.

Our engineers will use their expertise and judgment to recommend the most suitable flue lining solution for your property, and can install any liner, including FuranFlex, with swift precision, ensuring a perfect fit which prevents any smoke or noxious gas leaks.

If you require professional and reliable flue lining installation, or need dedicated flue repair work performed on your property, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Flue Liner Solutions today.