Flue Inspections & Surveys

To ensure that your flue system is properly prepared for the installation of a new fuel-burning appliance, a CCTV flue survey is necessary.
Flue Liner Solutions provide prompt and professional flue surveys to a range of commercial clients throughout the London area.

Utilizing flexible cameras, our expert engineers can get a close-up view of your existing flue system in order to identify any damage or blockages in your flue, as well as the presence of any obstacles. A CCTV survey also lets us figure out the dimensions of your flue, so that the correct lining can be chosen and installed with ease.

We are able to perform flue surveys on a wide variety of commercial properties, ensuring a reliable and professional service at all times. For more information on our CCTV flue inspections, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Flue Liner Solutions today.