Smoke Integrity Flue & Chimney Testing

Whenever you have a new fuel-burning appliance installed, or are reopening a fireplace for use, you are required to carry out a smoke integrity test to indicate the current condition of your chimney flue system.

A smoke integrity test will reveal any holes, cracks or gaps in our chimney which could leak smoke and harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, into your property.

Commercial flues and chimneys which see regular use should be tested and maintained periodically to ensure completely safe and efficient operation at all times.

Compromised commercial flue systems pose a serious health hazard to anyone on the premises, and a professional flue test will easily identify any issues which need to be rectified. A smoke test will help to create a gas-tight environment before the installation of a suitable flue lining, and is a vital part of the chimney preparation process when any new appliance is being installed.

If your commercial premises is installing new fuel boilers or is having a chimney or fireplace reopened, get in touch with Flue Liner Solutions to arrange a thorough smoke integrity test today.

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