Furanflex Flue Lining for Commercial Property Flues

For the most versatile commercial flue lining solution available, look no further than FuranFlex flue lining. Here at Flue Liner Solutions, we are fully accredited installers of FuranFlex lining to any commercial premises throughout London.

Furanflex lining is designed with reinforced glass fibres and thermoplastic materials to provide impressive heat resistance as well as enjoying significantly better corrosion resistance than steel liners.

FuranFlex lining can be installed to accommodate all kinds of chimney systems and appliances, from oil and gas stoves and boilers, to solid fuel fireplaces and more.

The flexibility of FuranFlex means it can be installed in flue systems of any shape, including SE and U ducts, offering a gas tight solution wherever it is installed.

The expert engineers at Flue Liner Solutions will survey your commercial flue system and decide the appropriate FuranFlex lining to suit your needs, using their expertise, experience and knowledge to provide the best possible solution.

For reliable, swift and professional FuranFlex chimney flue lining installation throughout London, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Flue Liner Solutions today.

*As Furanflex RWV is a naturally curing product, it must be installed within 1 month of manufacture and will only be ordered once a confirmed installation date is booked