Chimney Inspections & Surveys

Before any work on your chimney can be conducted, it’s important to undergo a thorough chimney inspection and survey, and here at Flue Liner Solutions we provide just that.

A CCTV chimney inspection uses flexible cameras to get a close-up view of your chimney. This allows us to spot any signs of damage, blockages or other issues, such as corrosion or creosote deposits.

The survey will establish the cause of any gas or smoke leakages, as well as giving a specific idea of the dimensions and structure of your flue, which lets us decide upon the best lining method for your chimney.

CCTV chimney surveys are quick and easy to accomplish, and won’t cause any disruption or mess in your property.

If you’re having a new fireplace installed, need your flue relining or suspect damage or blockage in your chimney, get in touch with Flue Liner Solutions today to arrange a CCTV chimney survey today.

We serve homeowners throughout the London area, and our friendly team are always happy to help.