Single & Twin Wall Flue Pipes

Flue Liner Solutions are dedicated to providing the most efficient, safe and reliable flue pipe solutions for any kind of stove or fireplace. We install single and twin wall flue pipes to create the most comprehensive flue system for your appliance.

Single wall flue pipes connect your stove to the chimney, while twin wall flue pipes are used in place of a traditional chimney flue system, making them versatile systems which provide efficient extraction for a variety of appliances.

Whatever stove, fireplace or boiler you have, you need to ensure that the correct flue and flue lining solutions are installed in order to keep harmful gases and smoke from blowing back into your property.

An inefficient or wrongly sized flue system will reduce the performance of your appliance, but professional single and twin wall flue pipe installation carried out by expert engineers will ensure complete peace of mind.

If you’re having a new appliance installed in your fireplace, or require a new flue system entirely, the team at Flue Liner Solutions are here to help. We install single and twin wall flue systems and provide specialist flue lining installation for any flue system throughout the London area.

To find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today – we are always happy to help.