SE Ducts & U Ducts

Here at Flue Liner Solutions we are able to provide comprehensive flue lining services to shared chimney systems, such as SE & U ducts, throughout the London area.
We are fully qualified installers of FuranFlex flue lining, the ultimate choice when it comes to relining shared flue systems without causing disruption to your property.

FuranFlex lining maximizes the usable area of the flue, allowing for optimal performance of any SE or U duct, leaving no joints to save for those installed between the boiler and flue itself.

Our team of expert engineers ensure a completely gas-tight environment to ensure the safest possible operation of your boiler, preventing leaks of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide, and optimizing the extraction and performance of your shared flue system.

For reliable and professional SE & U duct lining installation throughout London, contact the friendly team at Flue Liner Solutions today – we are always happy to help.