High Pressure Flue Lining in London

For one of the most versatile and efficient flue lining systems available, Flue Liner Solutions provide dedicated high-pressure flue lining to customers throughout the London area.

This flue lining method uses high-pressure machinery to inflate the liner to match the shape of your existing flue. This technique maximizes the usable area of the flue, which helps to create the most efficient flue environment possible.

The liner is then cured using heat from a steam generator. This sets the liner in place, leaving behind a tightly lined flue system which has no joints, and is entirely gas, water and airtight. High-pressure flue lining also provides effective insulation, while also offering impressive heat resistance and, importantly, corrosion resistance.

High-pressure flue lining offers flexibility, fitting flue systems and chimneys of all shapes and sizes, while helping to improve the safety, efficiency, and performance of any stove or boiler.

To find out more about the high-pressure flue lining process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Flue Liner Solutions today.