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Do custom flue systems affect warranty?

Almost every building will have a chimney and flue system in place, whether a residential home or a commercial building. However, designing and installing flue systems aren’t always one-size-fits-all approach – some flue systems require more detailed planning and work, whilst others are more straight forward. In this article, Flue Liner Solutions answer the question: do custom flue systems affect warranty?  What is a custom flue system?  A custom flue system is essentially a flue system (duct, pipe or chimney) that deviates from a ‘standard’ straight, upward system. Custom flue systems are often needed for older buildings, when re-routing around other pipework or extensions. A custom flue system in this respect, providing it’s clearly outlined to insurers and warranty providers, should be covered as within a warranty policy as usual.  A flue which has been repaired can…

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