Case Studies

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we are proud to have been chosen to carry out our services for a wide variety of clients, working in some of the most recognisable and prestigious buildings in the London area.

Here, you’ll find some examples of our work, with specific examples of how we identified and rectified existing problems using our knowledge, experience and expertise.

Hogarth House, Richmond, London

To maintain the cross dimensional diameter of the flue due to the large
fire opening sizes requested by the client to create adequate “draught”
to enable use without the requirement of fitting chimney fans.

All 6 FuranFlex25 liners were installed within 4 days, ahead of
schedule and ready for the rendering of the firebacks and installation
of their new fireplaces and appliances.


Furanflex25 fitted to the contour of the flue, maintaining the cross
sectional area of the flue and giving a smooth insulated lining to
increase the efficiency of the chimney and without any disruption to
the construction of the flue and meeting the grade 2 listed building

Palmerston Road, Wimbledon, London

To maintain the cross dimensional diameter of the flue so the client
could use their solid fuel fireplaces and meet regulations set by
building control of minimum 200mm + flue diameter. A steel liner of
200mm + would not be able to fit in the flue and the client would
either have to opt for a gas stove/fireplace or have extensive building
work to carry out on the flue.

The 2 FuranFlex25 RWV liners were installed within 2 days and the
client was able to use his solid fuel fireplaces immediately

Customer Comments...

“I was extremely pleased with how quick and clean the installation
process was. I was able to keep my current fireplaces and have
noticed how much more efficiently it draws the smoke to previously.
Overall I’m very happy with all the work carried out and would
definitely suggest this product and Flue liner solutions to my
friends”. - Mr A Crocker


Furanflex25 fitted to the contour of the flue maintaining the cross
sectional area of the flue, giving a smooth insulated lining to increase
the efficiency of the chimney and without any disruption to the
construction of the flue. The flue dimensions would not be able to
host steel liners that would meet building control regulations making
Furanflex RWV the perfect option.

Courtfield Gardens, London, SW5 0PD

The flue serving the ground floor flat, which serves as open gass fire, was breached. this meant a high chance of carbon monoxide leaking into other properties.

After calculating the opening size of the fireplace, existing flue dimensions, and height of the property, it was clear that stainless steel was not able to achieve an adequate cross sectional area of flue.


FuranFlex Black was chosen. A 22 meter x 275mm liner was installed in a single day with minimal mess. The flue now performs properly, and a 25 year guarantee and HETAS certificates were issued on completion of the contract.

Lasborough Park, Tetbury GL8 8UF

Existing Flue Failed smoke test. Existing flues had oval clay liners in situ and external walls were granite.

Parts of the building were over 500 years old, this meant other lining methods such as steel may damage the buildings structure.

It would also be highly time consuming and unpredictable if the granite had to be removed to gain access to the flue.


FuranFlex was used and meant only access at each end of the flue was needed to install the liner.
2 FuranFlex Blacks were installed and a 25 year guarantee was given after the installation was complete. Installation of 2 liners took 2 days.

Lartington Hall, DL12 9BW

The existing marble fireplace was to be used so a large diameter of
flue liner needed to be maintained. It was decided that FurnaFlex was going to the most cost effective and practical solution in maintaining the flue diameter within the chimney stack due to its thickness.

Large marble fireplace in reception room with a chimney length of 12 metres tapering towards the top. The chimney measured 275mm square through to the chimney stack. This was one of eight chimneys which Specialist Chimney Services was asked to survey and quote for relining. The existing chimney had a flexible 175mm flue liner installed to loft height and from this point to the top of the stack twin wall rigid insulated chimney system had been installed.


After the existing flue liner and chimney system had been removed cast in situ pumped cement was used to form a gather to locate the bottom of the FuranaFlex liner. A 300mm RWV liner was winched up through the existing chimney. After the curing had been completed the liner was trimmed top and bottom.

City Tower, 40 Basinghall St London EC2

New condensing boilers, using existing concrete lined sectional chimney needed to maintain cross sectional area but seal all joints to stop condensate leaking.

Maintain cross sectional area of chimney and ensure gas and water


FuranFlex Black liner of correct dimension installed. Gas and water tight. Installation on time and in budget.